We are ready to provide the following services for investors and investment companies who are ready to invest in Ukraine and build business on its territory:

  • Consulting services, project audit;
  • Selection and analysis of land for the project;
  • Investment Banking;
  • Development of business plans, concepts of investment attractiveness;
  • Legal support of the project;
  • Consultations and preparation of documents for state tenders;
  • Technical audit of projects;
  • Supply and installation of equipment, including from our partners
  • Etc.

Invest in restoration of housing and infrastructure destroyed as a result of russia's war against Ukraine

Invest in the construction of new and reconstruction of homes, schools, hospitals, roads affected or completely destroyed as a result of the full-scale war that russia insidiously started against the entire Ukrainian people.

GOLD INVESTMENTS has partnered with the International Non-Governmental Organization «Council of Freedom» , which raises funds for rebuilding destroyed housing and infrastructure, as well as raising money and funds for humanitarian aid to Ukrainians affected by russian military aggression.

Investments in construction

  • Construction of new facilities on the territories of industrial parks;
  • Reconstruction and modernization of obsolete industrial facilities;
  • Construction of feed mills;
  • Construction of plants for deep processing of grain;
  • Construction of shopping and entertainment and office centers;
  • Construction and reconstruction of livestock complexes (pig farms, dairy farms, poultry houses, etc.);
  • Construction of elevators;
  • Construction of distilleries;
  • Construction of supermarkets;
  • Construction of food markets;
  • Construction of a casino;
  • Development of logistics projects

Investments are in the alternative sources of energy

War requires urgent decisions in relation to replacement of hydrocarbons in energy, transport and industry.

We offer to consideration direction of investing in a biopropellant - alternative type of fuel, that is got as a result of processing of animal or vegetable raw material, and also organic industrial wastes and foods of vital functions. Alternative energy examines a biopropellant as variant of replacement traditional - coal, oil, natural gas et cetera. A biopropellant behaves to the renewable types of energy, him basic advantage is ecofriendlyness, and the modern methods of production allow to get such standards of fuel, that on the descriptions and cost excel traditional.

Investing in mining

In recent years, the Government of Ukraine has significantly improved and liberalized the system of permits for mining. In addition, the State Service of Geology and Subsoil of Ukraine presented the "Investment Atlas of Subsoil Users", which includes more than 140 promising sites to be put up for electronic auctions in the near future. We offer our services to investors who are willing to invest in lithium production and refining, as well as for oil refining.