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Ukraine's economy is open, rapidly internationalizing and striving to integrate into the European investment, trade and economic space.
Foreign investment contributes to the creation of new jobs, increases average wages, improves infrastructure, competition and provides opportunities for the revitalization of other industries and sectors of activity in the FDI recipient country.

Ukraine is historically known as the "breadbasket of Europe" - it has the potential to become the "food basket" of the world. Given that Ukraine has 33% of the world's black soil, and thanks to its favorable climate and proximity to key markets, Ukraine is already becoming a global leader in agricultural production and exports.

Ukraine's main agricultural crops are grains, including wheat, corn, barley, as well as sunflowers, sugar beets, pulses, fruits and vegetables.

KOS Trading

Import, Export, Financing the projects

KOS Trading is a successful Ukrainian company, which is an importer of well-known manufacturers of equipment for livestock complexes, meat processing, elevators, oil extraction, feed mills, distilleries, biogas stations, plants for deep processing of grain. The company is engaged in the design and construction of "turnkey".

Our equipment sales department can offer you customized machines and devices for processing milk, meat and eggs, as well as refrigeration units and other auxiliary equipment.

We collaborating only with well-known world manufacturers, time-tested and quality-tested. All together: world-class quality, individual approach and the desire of our team to realize your projects gives an impeccable result.

KOS Development

A development company that uses the world's best practices in the field of architecture and engineering

KOS Development is a development company that uses the world's best practices in the field of architecture and engineering, embodying them in the construction of business centers, residential buildings, shopping malls, parking lots, fast food restaurants.

KOS Development - provides a full cycle of project management - from the design of the construction site to commissioning, sales, lease, management. The company organizes the work process, control of budget documentation, time control, quality control, technical supervision, commissioning.


Construction company PROMINVESTBUD was founded in 2013

Extensive experience allows our team implement the best world practices in the development area, PROMINVESTBUD provides construction projects all necessary materials. Our own warehouse and transport allows us solve the most difficult tasks concerning materials supply. In the shortest time our specialists will calculate and select the best option by the ratio of price to timing and quality of the necessary building materials.

Working with PROMINVESTBUD, You getting reliable contractor and convenient supplier in one face, who is wildly interested in professional addressing the challenges You have faced.

PROMINVESTBUD working only with licensed software (АВК – 5, СТС, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, 3Ds Max, REVIT, Corel Draw etc.). We also have our own material and technical base and necessary auxiliary equipment.

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