Evoteck Srl

KOS Trading represents Evoteck Srl company on the Ukrainian market

Evoteck is a solid and dynamic company, specialized in the realization of turnkey agro-industrial projects, in Italy and abroad, thanks also to the various linguistic and organizational skills that make up our team. Evoteck deals with the construction of barns and supply of equipment for various poultry farms: broilers, turkeys, ducks etc. We offer different systems calculated ad hoc for each customer: feeding, drinking, ventilation, heating, lighting, flooring systems etc.

Evoteck also specializes in the construction of barns and structures, production of equipment and systems for pig farms.

The biogas plants have been designed for medium-large farms and zoo-technical farms, that decide to transform the products and waste of their activity into electrical and thermal energy and then into an long-term profitable investment.